Our team will focus 100% to help you to achieve your targets and goals whilst on our tours.

We Value:

Showing respect to ALL group members as individuals, regardless of their ability/background

Showing respect to all road users and the environment

Supporting the local businesses and communities.

But, of course it is our belief is that cycling should be full of surprises and fun for everyone.

 We aim to promote a professional image & good practice in everything that we do both on & off the bike.


Meet Kevin & Debbie, Giro d’Abruzzo Creators.


Kevin is a keen cyclist, creator of Kingston Rude Mechanical Cycle Club & organiser of the biggest joint school bike in the UK at the time. One day Kevin decided then instead of taking the easy option by getting a plane to transport himself and his bike, he cycled solo from Kingston, Surrey UK to Canosa Sannita, Italy, covering over 2200kms in 19 days, included climbing over the Alps. Having lived in Canosa Sannita for over 12 years & organised many trips for friends to cycle the area, he realised he was living in one of how he would describe, a cycling secret hidden from cyclists around the world. Abruzzo is unspoilt, untouched & somewhat remote, which makes the perfect place to cycle. With its undulating terrain, breathtaking views & some challenging climbs makes it perfect for cycling.

Debbie a keen road cyclist & racer found this to be her passion only about 3 years ago. Although Debbie has always been into sport, unfortunately, when she was only 9 years of age, she had a bad accident, injuring her knees & after spending a long time in hospital, then finding out that there was a 50/50 chance she would ever walk again, turned this negative into a positive & changed her life making her a fighter & to never give in no matter what. She set herself goals, one of which was by 15 years of age, she played Netball for the county & had trials for England. She carried on with sport throughout her life, but about 3 years ago, her knee injury came back to haunt her. Again, she did not let this stand in her way, after several treatments, she decided to take up a non-impact sport, cycling. She dusted off her then hybrid & started to cycle. This in turn has been the best thing she has done, as she has not had any further problems with her knees, lost a lot of weight & is a lot happier in herself. So, what does she decided to do, you got it, race around the world including Europe, Thailand & Australia for Great Britain, cycle guided in Mallorca & now is the co-owner & manager of the road race team Active Edge in the UK. I think its obvious, Debbie loves to help others, so she turned her problems into helping others by becoming a life coach, which has included, Professional to amateur, cyclist, footballers & cross country skiers.


When Kevin met Debbie, together they decided to share their love & passion for cycling & created these magnificent cycling tours. Kevin & Debbie spent about a year researching, conducting reconnaissance of the area, meeting with local officials & local businesses, to ensure they had got it right to suit everyone’s needs & expectations.

Kevin Walters
Debbie Rycraft