At Giro d’Abruzzo we create the perfect cycling holiday that’s tailored to you, no matter if it’s a social tour or a more endurance tour,

we have it covered‘.


“We like to describe this level as exactly what it says. No more than 50km a day &  at a nice pace averaging 12-14 mph, so you can take in the sites, with a day off included, anyone can do this.

Active Edge

Of course, this is a little more active. 14-16mph average, but you too could experience the same as the Active groups. We always remember, it’s your holiday, make it what you will.

Active Edge Plus

Now, this is an impressive average of 16 mph plus & again you can enjoy the delights of the Active & Active Edge groups experience.

Active Edge Clubs

What? We hear you say… your club has never been to Italy or to the Region of Abruzzo, well what are you waiting for, look no further as our representatives will work with the organiser to make sure your tour runs smoothly.
Look out for our special offers on group bookings & dates in which we will be involving you in the Giro D’italia.

Special deal – groups of 8 or more people (you don’t all have to be cyclists) attract one free space for yourself, share the saving out or buy the team new kit.