Food and Wine Tours

Abruzzo has some of the best known pasta producers in the world. De Cecco, Del Verde and Cocco to name just a few who all make their pasta and send it around the world on the foothills of the Majella National Park. With freshly caught seafood and fresh vegetables plus…

Local Festivals

There are festivals held in Abruzzo all year round from International Jazz festivals to local town festivals celebrating the tractor. We will let you know what festivals are taking place when you book with us and if it is possible we arrange for you to attend. Most are free but…

WW2 tour – Gustav Line explained

Let us take you around the battlefields and historical towns that made up the Gustav Line. Conceived and constructed from plans drawn up by Field Marshall Kesselring it was hoped to stop the Allied advance. The Allies had landed in Sicily some months before and met very little resistance from…

Medieval Castle tour

Medieval Castle tour – Abruzzo has perhaps the largest collection of Medieval castles in one region, over 50, plenty to see.

Roman/local History tour

Roman/local History tour. How did all start and What did the Romans and before them the Etruscans do for Abruzzo?

Abruzzo Geology Tour

Geology – meteorite craters, glacial formation, stunning peaks and with it wild life to fill your SD card in your camera.