Yes, Yes, Yes of course you can. We also arrange and offer bike hire service, so check with us as it may be cheaper to hire a bike, so always ask us if that is an option preferred for you.

Bikes aluminium to full carbon, electronic geared road bikes with top of the range components. Simply let us know your preference and we will organize the rest.

Of course. Once you have completed your booking with us, contact us with your specific measurements and requirements, so that when you arrive on your holiday, your bike will be set up in advance. Please send the following:
– The height of your seat (for your own comfort, we suggest you bring your own seat)
– The type of pedals (we suggest you bring your own to fit your shoes to avoid disappointment at busy times)
– The height of handle bars from stem

We have a this covered and will be supplying you with gels and bars as and when required. We suggest that if you have a dietary need or can only have a certain type, we suggest you bring your own, in case we cannot provide the desired brand.

A rounded three pin plug or a European two pin plug. Don’t worry too much about rushing out to get these or if you’ve forgotten them, we will have these at the hotel to purchase.

If you normally use cleats then bring your own pedals for your hire bike and your shoes.

We recommend you wear a cycle helmet whether it is compulsory or not. It is better to be safe than sorry.

If you are travelling light with only a carry on bag some tools will be removed at the security gate. I had a bike spanner taken from me once. If you have a special tool for a part of your kit I would suggest you let us know and we will try to source one for you or get one of your party to carry it in their hold luggage, they might also need it.

As we all know the weather can change even when you are out on a cycle so this is difficult to answer. Look at the weather forecast a week before then start packing your kit. Arm and leg  warmers are always good to carry as they are small and take up little luggage space. I always take a waterproof but wear it at the airport as it saves bringing too many jackets. Remember you will have free washing kit bags and washing facility at the hotel. Wash in the evening and your kit will be perfect for the next day.