Giro d’Italia 2018

Giro d’Italia 2018

Giro d’Italia 2018 -101

2018 marked the year of Giro D’Abruzzo launching & the making of our film(see video at the bottom of the home page)

It was also year 101 of the Giro d’Italia(GDI).also the year we last saw Team Sky racing.(GDA)

GDA, along with friends & guests got involved in riding the closed roads of 3 stages, joining in. the start and finish of the celebrations & we had a competition as to who could get the most memorabilia. Nick won of cause ( we, we decided to let him haha, as he was cooking that evening)

Arrival in Penne, Abruzzo, guided by Debbie & Kevin, saw us enter the Pro-Riders area where the tour buses & riders were waiting to start.  There we rode & spoke briefly along to the start with the likes of Chris Froome & other famous world tour team riders from teams such as Bora Bora, Trek, Michelin Scott, Lotto to name but a few.

While the the race was waiting to start, Debbie & Kevin were interview by the local TV news channel & by Miss Italy 2018 & were very excited about this. Although, there is a funny side to this as Debbie didn’t know who the woman was talking to her until Kevin mentioned it & she saw the pictures later that day!

These celebrations were a great time full on memories to launch GDA. All the pictures you see related to this were taken by GDA & our professional photograph on the day.

See our gallery for more moments & book your next tour with us & join in the fun.

Giro D’Abruzzo