Giro d’Italia 2019

Giro d’Italia 2019

Giro d’Italia(GDI) 2019 – 102

Giro d’Abruzzo, friends & guests witnessed the GDI 2019. We saw the finish of a stage, took part during the stage & finally saw a start of the stage. Riding on closed roads prior to the event & being a part of the VIP areas where the riders were being interviewed.

We had the best news ever when we found out the Giro d ‘Italia was coming to our town, Canosa Sannita.

Giro D’Abruzzo, the Mayor & locals of our town, put on an amazing celebration for the event.

The town was lavished in GDI merchandise & the local businesses supplied food & wine. This was a once in a lifetime opportunity & we had the best time we could ever imagine.

We were up close to the officials, talking with the cars & Police checking the route prior to to Pro-cyclists & getting all the updates.

We had a group of clients with us & we rode the closed roads route, prior to to Pros. When we came into the town, we were cheered by the locals who treated us as if we were the Pros.

Fun, memories, laughter, good food, wine & quiet Italian roads, what a great way to see and celebrate GDI 102.


We cannot wait until 2020’s route is announced & plan your next venture.

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Giro D’Abruzzo